About Us

Our mission is to combine sustainable, eco friendly fashion with designs that celebrate women, nature and art.

Design Inspiration

"Like the earth, women too have been neglected and exploited" - The inspiration behind our designs is to bring balance back to nature, women and creativity. The 'Goddess Collection' has been designed in honour of ancient Goddess worship and celebrating women for their true worth throughout society. The 'Gaia Collection' has been designed with the intention to inspire our sacred relationship with the earth. Whether it be the ocean or plants, the earth is magnificent and must be acknowledged. If we learn to redevelop our relationship with Mother Earth, humanity as a whole will be inspired to save and protect her. The 'Art Collection' has been designed to express the pureness of creativity. In our busy lives, creativity is something we do not leave enough time for. But what lies in your heart? Create unconditionally without judgement. This is something as women we must learn to do.

Recycled Plastic

The T-Shirts in our Gaia collection are made with a combination of recycled plastic bottles (40%) and certified organic cotton (60%). In the USA alone approximately 18,834,000,000 plastic bottles are thrown into landfills each year. Instead of the plastic sitting in a landfill site, taking up to 700 years to break down, we prefer that the material is recycled and converted into a yarn texture to create clothing that takes 30% less energy to produce than typical t-shirts. Read more about the process here.

Organic Cotton

Did you know that cotton is one of the most sprayed crops in the world? Choosing organic cotton means you are supporting fabric that is grow without GM seeds, chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Organic cotton supports a balanced and harmonious system for the environment, animals, insects and better health for the farmers and garment workers whilst reducing the amount of water used in garment production.

Reduce Waste

It is estimated that £140,000,000 worth of clothing is dumped into a landfill site each year. We don't want to be contributing to this amount, so we use a print on demand production. This means that instead of making clothing ahead of time which involves risk of waste if the clothes do not sell, our production is made once the customer has placed the order. Therefore if our customers want to buy the t-shirt, the print will be made for the customer. 

Ararose Clothing

Have you seen our sister brand Ararose? Launched in 2017, Ararose was created to celebrate ethically made fashion that empowers women being their authentic selves. Check out www.ararose.clothing to discover more sustainable, ethically made pieces.